Struble Orthodontics

Struble Orthodontics is a brand new orthodontic practice opening in 2012. TriTrillion was brought on to provide Digital Marketing Consulting in the following areas:

  1. Working with the industry specific web development group TriTrillion provided consulting services for the  website design to optimize content and functionality layout, development, and project management. Ensuring that the launch of the site was on time, with in budget, and the quality was exact with no errors.
  2. Integrated digital marketing plan to optimize content, marketing initiatives, and budget for the year
  3. Content creation for custom blog posts
  4. Profile and reputation management on Facebook, Google+, and YouTube
  5. Facebook advertising creation and management
  6. Creating and managing contests and giveaways
  7. Monthly analytics analysis with recommendations for improvement
  8. Ongoing content creation and curation for social media distribution

Early results

  1. Increased Facebook likes 100% in the first month of management
  2. Increased Facebook engagement 600% in the first 3 months
  3. Generated new business