Abundant Living

Abundant Living provides workshops, retreats, and products in the personal development industry. TriTrillion worked closely with Abundant Living Enterprises for over two years to define and execute a Digital Marketing Strategy to provide the tools to sell a range of products online, build an email list, and communicate more effectively with prospects and existing clients.
The team at TriTrillion created the following items:

  1. We worked with their existing agency to plan, design and develop a custom e-commerce website that is mobile responsive for tablets and mobile phones.
    This website is a custom e-commerce site that combines systems for internal order processing management, customer management, automated communications, content management, employee blog sites, product distribution, and much more. The site was designed in a way that provides a seamless experience for the user but gives the company a great deal of flexibility to change and grow the site as the business changes.
  2. TriTrillion managed the maintenance, content and enhancements of the site coordinating, developers, designers, content creators, administrators, and product managers. We then trained Abundant Living’s  team to transition site maintenance in-house.
  3. The systems that the site utilizes are:
    • Django-Overall site CMS
    • InfusionSoft-CRM, email marketing, e-commerce
    • WordPress-employee blog site CMS