Allee Zapp | Digital Marketing Strategist

Allee Zapp A native Bendite raised by a single mom, Allee is a dynamic combination of that Bend spirit and scrappy, entrepreneurial spunk. Allee fell in love with all things digital at an early age when her mom brought home a Macintosh computer in the early 1990’s. She then went on to create her first website her freshman year of college and knew creating in a digital medium was her passion.

Allee graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Business Administration and was one of the first graduating classes to complete a minor in Multimedia. A passionate digital strategist with over 16 years of experience, she’s helped a wide range of clients from sole proprietors to Fortune 500 clients tell their stories in a meaningful way. Her company, TriTrillion, provides insightful digital marketing solutions for businesses that are ready to ditch the status quo and create a memorable online presence.

She enjoys Cricket trailer camping with her family at the mountain lakes of the High Desert, skiing Mt. Bachelor, and cooking yummy dinners for her husband and 2 young boys. Allee is also devoted mentor and thrives on hanging out with inspiring people who work hard to expand their horizons while creating a balanced life in this amazing place called Bend.

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Ryan Blake | Digital Producer

Ryan Blake is a digital marketing, social media marketing, and digital production expert. He is on a mission to bring the most advanced, acute techniques and strategies to our clients.

His client portfolio has included Universal/Republic Records, Warner Bros. Records, Comedy Central Records, and Red Bull Records. In the travel industry he was essential in building multiple international experiential cruise lines’ digital presence in the United States market including Hurtigruten, Compagnie du Ponant, and Scenic Cruises.

Agencies he has worked for include The Syndicate, Global Voyages Group, ABC/Disney Television Group, and AffinitéSociety. He also contributes to writing travel interest blog points on

Ryan brings 6 years of experience and holds a BA in International and New Media Communications from Oregon State University.

Maisie Smith | Content Strategist + Writer

Maisie Smith is a content creator, storyteller, creative writer and wicked-good grilled cheese sandwich maker. She has spent her entire life in creative endeavors: writing since her chubby fingers could hold a pencil, evolving a meaningful fitness business, forging a 10-year career in advertising, and now… crafting brand stories.

Maisie has a solid background in advertising and has managed promotional projects for heavy-hitting brands such as Dreamworks, Pabst,, Simplot and Albertsons. She brings to the table an influx of fresh ideas that challenge the status quo. Her focus is on weaving together compelling brand stories via creative content and a relatable social media presence. Read more about Maisie here.

Maisie is the founder of The Write Now Project, an ambitious and unconventional online writing program for teenage girls that will be launching in 2015. A voracious reader, her nose is often buried in books and trade magazines. She also enjoys road trips, hiking, memoirs, and craft beer. Stouts, to be exact.

Tashia Davis | Content Strategist + Writer

Tashia Davis On her résumé, you’ll find the facts: that she graduated in the top 10% of her class as an advertising major in the Clark Honors College and the School of Journalism & Communication Honors Program at the University of Oregon in 2015; that she gained experience as an account executive for clients like Lipton Iced Tea, Adidas, and Telkom at Stretch Experiential Marketing in Cape Town, South Africa; that she’s held multiple internships and freelance clients over the past 4 years; and that she won some awards along the way.

What might be less obvious on paper are her drive, curiosity, and desire for new experiences. She always been a top student and a hard worker, but life is more than that. It’s climbing South Sister and Half Dome; it’s going to France by yourself at 16; it’s taking a class with inmates at a maximum security penitentiary; it’s shark cage diving, bungee jumping, and ostrich­riding in South Africa; and, most recently, it’s moving to New Zealand on a work visa beginning fall 2015.

Tashia sees digital strategy as a way to bring her love of research, writing, curiosity, design, and technology together to benefit others, and she is excited to see where it takes her next.